Mexico City


Mexico City


Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico D.F. (Aug 15-17, 2003)


The last is Mexico City - never ending expanse of small buildings housing 24 million people.



Basilica de Guadalupe. Apparently the most important religious place in Latin America. Where San Juan Diego had a vision of God (or was it the Virgin Mary). Another interesting fact is the brownification of the Virgin Mary - showing religion does adapt to location.




Pyramids of Teotihuacan. Nobody knows who built them, why they built them or what happened to these people. The Aztecs came, saw and found pyramids and temples with no people around. These people worshipped the plumed serpent (Quetzalcoatl). Apart from what are probably a Sun God and a Moon God. They also had human sacrifices.



El Temple Mayor. The Major Aztec Temple in Technotitlan (now Ciudad de Mexico). Has 7 pyramids, one inside another. Los aguilos guerreros (an important set of Aztec warriors) and skulls.




Metropolitan Cathedral and it's huge numbers of bells of different kinds and bell towers.

One of Mexico City's many tilting buildings, Constitution Plaza, shamans advertising and selling their stuff and doing their dance.



Some of the best quesedillas, tacos and pancakes can be had at the roadside. Cafe Tacuba, a traditional Mexican place, with a Mariachi band.




Other random photos : a street; interesting photgraph by a Josef Konduke, mural in Musea de Bellas Artes, Beetle taxi, cactus, Mexican man with sombrero and dogs, shantytown, picture-coding the various stops in a subway.

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