Mexico City


Acapulco, Guerrero State, Mexico (Aug 8-15, 2003) and associated IJCAI Conference



Las vistas de la vuelo :  Esta lloviendo en dos lugares in Mexico; el azul cielo y nubados interesantes ; una isla circa de Luisiana / Alabama en la Gulfo de Mexico

From the plane : It's raining in the plains of Mexico ; vivid sky colors ; an island off the coast of Alabama or Louisiana




Las vistas panoramas de Bahia de Acapulco y las playas diferentes en Acapulco. Tomo la ultima fotografia de la farra que arriba de la Isla Roqueta.

Panoramic views of Acapulco bay and beach.



De la bote con el fondo de crystal : corals, pisces, la virgen sumergida , uno pelicano

From the boat with the glass bottom : corals, fish, the submerged virgin (carved on an underwater rock), a pelican, another virgin, this time above water.


En la fuerte de San Diego : vista de canon, las codices de las Aztecas, los symbolos de tribus diferentes, una estuche de tesero, una galleon espanola

In the San Diego fort and museum of Acapulco : cannon-view ; how the Aztecs calculated the tribute they had to give to the Spanish; symbols of various tribes; old treasure chest, Spanish galleon.



Las clavadistas en la Quebrada.

Cliff-divers jumping into a narrow piece of water from great height with fine precision and timing.


Los hombres de Pampalonia(?)

The flying men of Pampalonia - who descend upside down, suspended by their legs, on a rapidly rotating pole.




Mexican Beetle Taxi; search and rescue robot competition in IJCAI; natural and artificial lights; can you spot something among all the green and brown? ; the Mexican version of the Danish Little Mermaid - only it's male and has feet instead of a fish-tail.

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