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Swagatam! Vanakkam! Bienvenidos! Ahlan Wasahlan! Bienvenue!
Bine ati venit! Bem Vindos! Wilkommen!
Welcome to the Home Page of Anand Ranganathan

I am currently working as a Research Staff Member at the IBM TJ Watson Research Center in Hawthorne, NY. I work in the Next Generation Distributed Systems group, where we are trying to bridge the worlds of Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Networks, Data Management and Human-Computer Interaction. So, in the process of trying to outdo Jack (of the of all trades fame), I am trying to acquire and employ snippets of knowledge from each of these areas in my work. Presently there is a strong Semantic Web theme running through my research. One of the most promising technologies I am working on at the moment is the automatic composition of different kinds of applications or workflows from small, modular components.

I finished my PhD at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign in the Department of Computer Science. In that life, I was a research assistant under Prof. Roy Campbell and Prof. Dennis Mickunas in the Software Research Group. In this life, I was researching in the wild and wacky arena of Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing. The charm of this area was in envisaging cool (but probably impractical) futuristic scenarios where humans and computers coexisted in a happy symbiotic relationship (most of the times, or at least in a small fraction of the times).

My current work page briefly describing IBM life can be found here. More content will come at that page once I figure out how to navigate the complex pathways within IBM to publish my external website. However, at this site, you can find information about both my past and current research.

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